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Artificial Plant
Product Name: Aquarium Plastic Plant
Material: Plastic, Ceramic; Base Size: 8.4 x 5cm/3.3' x 2' (L*W)
Total Size(Approx.): 13 x 38.5cm/5.1' x 15.2' (W*H)
Color: Green; Weight: 143g
Package Content: 1 x Aquarium Plastic Plant
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TOOGOO(R) Aquarium Fish Tank 15.2" High Green Plastic Plant Aquascaping
Provide greatly a vivid environment for fishes to swim and hide Convenient to clean and move, can attract more attention for your fish tank or aquarium The plant is designed with snowflake shaped leaves, and is anchored with a oval ceramic base, so it will stay where they placed in the fish tank.
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